Shipyard Repairs

Our company offers ship repairs in various Baltic Sea locations, including:

  • Shipyard in Klaipeda (Lithuania) with the following capacities:


  • Shipyard in Riga (Latvia) with the following capacities:


  • Shipyard Tosmare in Liepaya (Latvia)with the following capacities:


Through our cooperation with these shipyards, our company can offer repairs to virtually any type of vessel. These shipyards have proven to be reliable partners for complex conversions and new building projects as well as for required routine repairs.  Our service to our clients includes all phases of the project:  From assistance in negotiating key issues such as price, repair time, and terms and conditions, up to and including the resolution of any delivery problems.

Our company has long term expertise in all aspects of ship repair and conversions, and can assist our clients during dry-docking periods by sending experienced project managers and supervisors to the repair facility for oversight of the entire project.  This can be particularly useful during complex repairs and/or conversions.

In addition, we also have the ability of arranging and assisting with technical supervision during repairs in high quality Chinese Shipyards located in: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian, and Shanghai.

  • Dalian COSCO Shipyard Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian STX (DaYang) Shipyard Co., Ltd.
  • COSCO (Shanghai) Shipyard Co., Ltd.
  • COSCO (Guangzhou) Shipyard Co., Ltd.
  • YiuLian Dockyard (Shekou) Limited.

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